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Imagine having morning coffee 

by the sea... every day!

Looking for place You wish to visit and making plans for the trip.

Remember those special moments...

Your Art of Living

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Art of giving...
Art of your memories...

3-dimensional wooden Maps are a perfect gift, memorabilia, corporate present and VIP decoration. Why? 

Their beauty and craftsmanship are responses to following questions:

What to give to somebody who already has everything?

How to highlight international value and business relations of my company?

I want to inspire my guests by showcasing my travels - can I customise the Map?

I need 100 customised Maps for my VIP clients - can you design unique Maps for me?

How it works


Keep memories close by highlighting your favourite spots. Add names, quotes and symbols that tell your story.

Add branding and elevate visibility of businesses.


Bathymetry of the seas, topography of the lands - Maps are realistic relief of the planet. Universal beauty of Maps framed in table structure is so much more than just furniture... it's a dream come true.


All the materials are locally sourced and come from

eco-certified plywood manufactories. We use water based paints and glues.  

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Feel the ocean breeze,
hear the sails flutter...
Just you and the horizon!

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Map with bathymetric and topographic details handmade to perfection

Table structure engineered  to withstand years of usage.

Frame made of top class materials 

[wood / steel]

Height and function adapted to your needs

8mm tempered glass


As a coffee table, a desk, or a dining table ... It inspires the conversation and gathers people around.


Project title:
Promotion of the AVOCADO PRACOWNIA TWÓRCZA brand on foreign markets. Go to Brand.

Purpose and planned effect of the project:
The main goal of the project is to increase the brand competitiveness through the development of export activities as part of the Furniture Industry Promotion Program. The company also intends to significantly increase export revenues by the end of 2023. The applicant will also acquire at least 21 contracts by the end of 2023. It will obtain information on the prospective markets of the UAE, Scandinavia and establish a number of international trade contacts. Achieving the goal will be possible, inter alia, thanks to expansion into prospective non-EU markets, like the Middle East.

Measurable effects of the project implementation:
Number of foreign trade contracts signed by enterprises supported in the field of internationalization [pcs] – 21

Revenues from the sale of products for export [PLN] – 500,000.00 PLN
Revenues from the sale of export products for the project – PLN 500,000.00.

Project value: The total value of the project is PLN 463,400.00

Contribution of European Funds: Co-financing of the project constituting

de minimis aid – PLN 393 890.00 

Time limit for completion: March 12, 2020 – November 30, 2023

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