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Frequently Asked Questions

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Avocado Creative Studio is a place where all creative visions, crazy ideas and designers’ dreams come true. The Table range, under the SeaMore brand is the result of many hours of designing, prototyping and experimenting with materials and techniques in a workshop. Everything else is pure passion for the world.


Where the idea to create Sea Maps came from?

It all started with a desire to show the unseen.

What is the deepest part of The Gulf of Gdansk? Where is the shallowest place in the Miditerranean Sea? How are underwater volcanoes located at the bottom of sea?

That mix of love for water, fascination with maps and a passion for modeling brought one of our first products – 3d sea maps – to life.


How long does it take to get customised table?

The process of creation takes usually from 6 to 8 weeks. Everything depends on the idea and the materials for the customised table.

Once we have the concept discussed with the Avocado team and agreed with the client we are ready to work.

You have lots of possibilities - the design of the Map and materials from European oak to steel structure with color powder coating.

We are ready to make your dreams come true.


I didn't find perfect table - how can I order full customisation?

We make wishes come true...

Full customisation means we design and handmade the perfect table accordingly to Your wishes.

  • Choose a Map - area, colour and size

  • Choose the structure (steel or wood) and finish (painted, stained or natural)

  • Measure - how high You wish Your table to be. 

  • Choose extras - shelf or two, shape of the legs, customisation of the Map

Get in touch thru CONTACT page or


The perfect table is extraordinary, like the space it's going to stand in.


How the process of creating new piece looks like?

Designing starts in our heads. It’s a long process of the ideas being compared to each others from different angles and, eventually, taking a certain shape.


After that, we like to discuss everything with our team. The dialog is often full of questions: How? When? By what means? Fortunately, we can always find a solution together. Partnership approach and communication make the creative process both smooth and exciting.


How do we ship the tables?

We cooperate with reliable international courier companies so we can ship your table all over the world.

Let us know the destination and we get back to you with possibilities and costs.


When your perfect table is ready we carefully pack it for shipping and insure it. 

Please, carefully inspect the package with the courier person present, check if foil and cardboard are undamaged, pay extra attention to the corners. 

Insist on unpacking the package in the presence of the courier, to double check if everything is as it should be.. 


You can also collect the table directly from our Studio in Gdansk Poland - feel invited.


The table is perfect - where I can leave my opinion?

We are so happy to make your dreams come true.

Each customer satisfaction gives us wings to grow. We would appreciate your opinion on 


Additionally feel invited to send us the photo of your perfect table in the space it’s located - we would love to share it further on social media.


I am very pleased with the processing of my order. I ordered the New Zealand Side-Table which looks beautiful. I couldn't think of a better gift. A really beautiful and classy addition to my living room.

Suzan Snyder, NZ

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