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The Full Story of

SEA MORE is a brand under Avocado Creative Studio - family business based

in Gdańsk, Poland. We design and build custom furniture and home accessories

in a sustainable and eco-conscious matter.

All products are handmade with highest quality materials and passion for detail.  


From the first day of existence our vision has been to broaden the horizons, to show more, to inspire.


By creating mesmerising Maps that let you experience the unseen - structures of the ocean floor, topography of lands close and far, we wish to inspire out of the box thinking about the planet we live on.

What better place to change the world, than from the comforts of your home?


By working closely with our customers, we are able to create pieces unique, customised to each individual space and story.  


Combination of traditional woodworking and modern technology allows us to deliver tables and Maps that are original, as well as of highest quality. 

We want you to dream big...

then keep the memories forever!

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This website was created as part of the co-financing for company

Avocado Pracownia Twórcza - Martyna Lewandowska of the GoToBrand project, sub-action 3.3.3. - support for SMEs in promoting product brands under the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020.

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