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The Red Sea is an inland intercontinental sea located between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

The Suez Canal connects it with the Mediterranean Sea, and countries such as Egypt, Eritrea, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Israel and Sudan have access to its waters.


Over the years, many theories have arisen regarding its name. Some believe it was given when cyanobacteria, which make the water appear brown, were observed in the sea. According to others, the name comes from the Himyarite people, who called themselves “reds”, and still others claim that the name refers to the coral reefs living here, most of which are red in color.


Turquoise, which contrasts with the delicate beige of the wooden plywood, enhances its expressiveness and the impression of actual depth.

A dream gift! 😉


Dimensions: length 91 cm x width 46.5 cm x thickness 2.5/3 cm


Red Sea

SKU: red_sea
2 900,00 AEDPrice
  • Weight 10 kg
    Dimensions 91 × 50 × 2.1 cm
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