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Our World of Mountains and Oceans is a long waited project. It shows the topographic sculpture of our beloved planet. It’s created not only for mountain climbers, but for every fan of wandering with finger on map or with backpack around the world. Realistic sea-bed lines and mountain ranges will pull you right into adventure. Cut out by laser with a precision of one tenth of millimetre, hand painted and assembled in our workshop. Three dimensional mountain maps are example of modern craftsmanship, where knowledge, aesthetics, ecology and history mix together into a beautiful piece of art.


Dimensions: 155 x 100 x 5 cm 


Wooden map with a hanging hole at the backside. Cut-out based on our original project, polished, painted and glued by hand in our workshop in Gdańsk. The acrylic paint used to cover the layers of plywood is non-toxic and waterproof.


Made only on special request. Time of delivery: 6-8 weeks.


Disclaimer: photos are just a illustrative representation of our product, we make our maps in both polish and english. Other language versions possible upon special request, longer delivery time applies.

World of Mountains and Oceans XL(turquoise)

SKU: World_O&M_XL
25 000,00 AEDPrice
  • Weight 50 kg
    Dimensions 155 × 100 × 5 cm
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