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Aloha, means “hello” – that’s how Hawaiians greet each other!


Do you know that most of the surface of the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii is formed by the Haleakala volcano.The highest peak there rises more than three thousand meters above sea level. Many people believe that from there you can admire the most beautiful sunrise in the world. 


Discover the amazing islands, volcano peaks and surrounding Pacific waters with our Map of Hawaii, hand-polished, glued from 10 layers of wooden plywood. The round shape makes it wonderfully presented in a bedroom or living room, hung above a sofa, preferably in the company of other Island Maps. Turquoise, which contrasts with the soft beige of the plywood, enhances its clarity and the impression of real depth. On the back there is a hole for hanging.

A gift like a dream!


Map dimensions: diameter 50 cm / thickness 3 – 3.5 cm

Available customisation in form of engraving, please add the Customisation to your cart if you wish it. Order realisation time with customisation is about 2 weeks.


Disclaimer: photos are just a illustrative representation of our product, we make the maps in original names version. If you wish other language version of the map, contact us.

Hawaii (Island Map)

SKU: Hawaii_map
1 800,00 AEDPrice
  • Weight 7kg
    Dimensions 50 × 50 × 3.5 cm
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