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The Ionian Islands, also known as Heptanesos, are an archipelago in the Ionian Sea stretching along the western coast of Greece and partly Albania.The archipelago comprises seven main, larger islands: Kefalonia (781 km²), Corfu (592 km²), Zakintos (402 km²), Lefkada (302 km²), Kithira (279 km²), Ithaca (96 km²), Paksos (19 km²), as well as minor islets.


Discover Kefalonia and the Western Ionian Islands with our Map, hand-polished, glued from 10 layers of wooden plywood. Its round shape makes it wonderfully presented in the bedroom or living room, hung above the sofa, preferably in the company of other Island Maps. The turquoise that contrasts with the soft beige of the wooden plywood enhances its clarity and the impression of actual depth. On the back there is a hole for hanging.


A gift like a dream! 😉.


Map dimensions: diameter 50 cm / thickness 3 – 3.5 cm


Possibility to engrave a dedication or other content on the map for an additional charge.

East Ionian (Island Map)

SKU: East Inonian_island
1 800,00 AEDPrice
  • Weight 7kg
    Dimensions 50 × 50 × 3.5 cm
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